Divorceless Relationships Book Club

(Aug 3 - Sept 21, 16.00-17.00 CEST | Your time in the World)

What if you were to start to see the value of you in every relationship you have?


Join Rachael for an 8 weeks exploration of the book Divorceless Relationships by Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer.


Whenever you divorce any part of you and whenever you doubt that your own point of view has any value, you devalue you and make it as though you are nothing. That is not acknowledging you nor is it seeing the value of you.


What if you were willing to always be you and state your point of view without trying to see the rightness or the wrongness of anyone point of view, including yours


Whenever we go to the wrongness of us and judge ourselves, we are deciding that we have no value.


What if the value of you was greater than you were able to see?


I invite you to use the information and the tools in this book to discover how not to feel compelled to divorce yourself in order to create a relationship with anybody, I encourage you to discover how to create divorceless relationships. 

Gary Douglas -


Are you ready to go on a journey to a whole different reality?


Divorceless Relationships Book Club