Life Changer Sessions - Getting unstuck

Now more than ever, is it actually time to create the life you enjoy?

What if you could start to change anything that is not working for you right now? What if you could start today with a simple action that would allow you to have more fun with your body, increase your money flows, create a job that makes you happy to get out of bed, and have relationships where you get what you actually desire?
A life where you enjoy your work, you have peace with money, you have relationships that give you what you actually desire and your body is actually alive?
Come Alive - you deserve it


Changing anything not working for you to be all of you 

One on One time to shift anything that's not working in your life

30 Minutes One on One - €200

60 Minutes One on One - €350


What if your awareness was a gift? 

This session aims to unlock limitations that stop you from accessing your greatness - changing every wrongness to a strongness 

30 Minutes One on One - €200

60 Minutes One on One - €350


Talk To the Entities session is for you if you have any awareness around entities

There may be things you would like to change or use to contribute more to your life 

30 Minutes One on One - €200

60 Minutes One on One - €350


Tools to change stress in your body

These sessions transmute uncertainty and doubt to provide stress-relief.

30 Minutes One on One - €200

60 Minutes One on One - €350

'Relationship' literally refers tp the distance between two objects. What is your comfortable distance? 

This invitation is for couples or anyone wanting to create a greater relationship, beyond separation and in communion with the 5 elements of intimacy. To shift projections, expectations and judgments that relationships are often built on.

1 x 1 hour session - €350

Symphony of Possibilities invites you to a different energy, space and consciousness

Open up a space of peace and possibilities, an invitation to change with ease and gratitude.

1 x 1 hour session - €350

2021 Special Offer  

Invitation Video - click here 

Access Business and Money. Clearing sessions. Time to actualise possibilities for your Business beyond limitations. 

30 Minutes Business One on One - €200

60 Minutes Business One on One - €350

 Private Abuse transformation session

A beautiful healing & nurturing body process to change the impact of all types of abuse.

Each session 1.5 hrs

1 x Abuse Hold session - €550

One on one personalised business programme

3 Month Programme
Daily & Weekly exercises plus homeplay 
Monthly 4 x 30 minute 1on1 
6 Phenomenal Business Calls

Per Month Payment - €1,100
Once Off Payment - €3,000

More information here 

Did you know that it is more common for a body to have multiple walk-ins than to have none?

Yes, walk-ins remain one of the most dynamic yet confusing areas with entities. Does it feel like you have to talk to a committee before you make a choice?
A walk-ins private session will assist you to have clarity of who you really are. Dive into one of the most amazing topics that can create so much clarity and ease for people.
What if by clearing walk-ins you could choose confidently and easily?
Time for you to be the dominant space and the dominant entity in your life?

30 Minutes One on One - €200

60 Minutes One on One - €350