We have not been educated to recognise that we can be aware of the spirit world in many different ways.


Are you rejecting and afraid of your abilities and capacities?
What if there is a different way to be and receive your abilities?
How many unrecognized abilities do you have when it comes to entities and the world of spirits?

Discover your magical connection with ghosts, spirits & entities

Talk to the Entities will
  • empower you to recognise what you are aware of;
  • give you tools to be present with entities with ease;
  • show you how to clear, and be more relaxed
  • remove the fear of the unknown world of ghosts, spirits and entities;
  • bring simple and fun ways to communicate
  • contribute to your life in so many unexpected, unexplained ways.

''Every choice you make to get present with entities and the spirit world will pay off in a million unexpected and expansive ways.''

- Shannon O'Hara


Any of your 5 senses can make you aware entities are around.

  • Tickle or cough in your throat; 

  • Shivers down your spine;

  • A feather-light touch;

  • Sudden hot flushes on your feet. hands or forehead;

  • A sudden cold gust of wind; 

  • Tingling skin or goose-bumps;

  • Watery, twitching or itchy eyes;

  • Unusual beeps or ringing in your ears; 

  • Inexplicable odours - both toxic and pleasant; 

  • Seeing something out of the corner of your eye;

  • Unexplained sounds or voices when no one is around; 

  • Anxiety, depression or mood swings; 

  • Electrical devices or lights  turning on or off.